Don’t freak out….this is super easy!!









Soft, Muted, Neutral

  • Browns/Creams

  • Muted Blues/Greens

  • Muted reds and oranges

  • Light Greys

  • Stay away from bright white, pinks, purples, bright/neon colors, anything shiny or sequins


Keep it simple, think layers

Start with: Neutral shirt, shorts/pants or a long skirt for

Top Layers: Old sheets, old pillowcases, cheap fabric, plain scarves, any fabric you can find and cut up that doesn’t have a pattern




Belt: Robe ties, leather belts worn backward, plain rope

Shoes: We are outside, there are stairs, we move a lot- use comfy neutral sandals, something with straps

Headgear: only a small leather looking tie, or NOTHING




Each performer creates their own, unique costume!! Have fun and make it yours!!

Costumes must be ready and approved
by Dec. 1st

Costumes must be worn for dress rehearsal
on Dec. 7th

Questions or help

Kid’s Choir:
Amy- 805-377-6376

Youth Choir:
Tara– 757-373-9075

Adult Choir:
Ditte- 805-200-6482

The Day Of

Event Details

Date: 14 December 2019
Time: 5:30 pm
Location: Constitution Park,
Camarillo, CA

Predicted Weather

Temperature: 60°
Rain: 3%
Humidity: 71%
Wind: 8mph

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